Hey friend!

We’re Erica and Kelsey, two good friends (and former next door neighbors), who love to talk about everything and laugh along the way. 

From everyday things like bathing habits (which turn out to be surprisingly hilarious), to home organization, and parenting, and from book recommendations and honest marriage advice to going all in for fall during our annual Fall Extravaganza, our show will make you feel like you’re hanging out with your girlfriends in the best way. 

Grab a drink, make yourself comfortable, and join the conversation. We’re so happy that you’re here!

Meet your hosts

Hey, would you want to start a podcast with me? I think it could be fun! - Kelsey

Sure! ... But what's a podcast?  - Erica

And so in 2013 The Girl Next Door Podcast was born! Our podcast origin texts say a lot about our personalities and why our friendship and partnership work so well. Kelsey has a plan and Erica brings the enthusiasm. Erica can make great decisions in a snap while Kelsey loves to dive into the details. We bring our different perspectives to every conversation and haven’t run out of things to talk — and laugh — about yet. 


  • People/Animals I live with: husband, Jeremiah, and daughters – Vanessa and Julia, dogs Peg & Kaya
  • Favorite time of day: evening after kids are in bed
  • Can’t live without: books and mountains
  • Start my mornings with: black coffee and silence preferably 
  • Parenting mantra: My energy is my own.
  • Least favorite errand: returning anything
  • Superpower: setting boundaries
  • Dream vacation: Germany, Switzerland, Austria at Christmastime
  • Favorite book: The Night Circus


  • People I live with: husband Chris and kiddos Dashiell, Cedric, and Maeve. Happily pet-free.
  • Favorite time of day: dark-thirty morning before any children are stirring
  • Can’t live without: books and cuticle balm
  • Start my mornings with: hot coffee (cream, no sugar) and exercise or journaling
  • Parenting mantra: I’m doing my best and so is my child.
  • Least favorite errand: any set of errands that are in totally different directions
  • Superpower: turning an idea into a Google doc and a plan
  • Dream vacation: exploring London and the English countryside at Christmastime
  • Favorite book: Where’d You Go, Bernadette?