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House Guests & Socklets

In this episode, we get up to speed on our creative projects while sipping on this easy cocktail…

Lazy Ladd Lemonade

This is Erica’s go to cocktail.  It’s super easy, pretty, and great for offering something a little special whether guests want it spiked or not.

  • 1 oz. vodka, tequila, or gin
  • fresh basil, mint, or thyme
  • sparkling lemonade or italian soda (Erica’s favorite is Efferve)

Muddle your herb of choice at the bottom of a glass.  Add spirit of choice and ice.  Top with the sparkling lemonade, and garnish with a fresh herb sprig. Very refreshing.

Erica is back from the Storyline Conference in San Diego and feeling crazy inspired as she finishes her book, and Kelsey’s been making great progress on developing her e-course for working moms.  In addition to project updates, Erica talks adoption happenings, and Kelsey has some cool job news.  She’s also really excited to try the genius Bullet Journal system, and is hoping to pick up a shiny new notebook to get started at Book People in Austin this week. 

We pick each other’s brains for all kinds of tips and tricks for hosting, from out of town guests to a quick happy hour at home with friends.  Erica loves to host a party and her Halloween parties every year are pretty epic.  Check out Kelsey’s prize winning photostrip costume at Erica’s party this past year:

Erica shares her tips to hosting a good party, including her favorite party hosting equipment, the triple crock, and we’re loving these tips to a well stocked bar from A Beautiful Mess.

Kelsey’s currently obsessed with socklets.  They’re changing her work life, and she wants to spread this wardrobe revelation to future generations.  Erica’s obsessed with her new Capri Blue Volcano candle which she finally broke down and paid way too much for at Anthropologie.

In neighborhood news, Saw Guy has a new project and a new nickname.  There may or may not have been more apology cupcakes involved.  The saga continues. 

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4 responses to “House Guests & Socklets”

  1. Erica – Love, love, love the Capri Volcano candle. John got me the big one for my birthday a few years ago and I was ceremonious about lighting it, too! I’ve since discovered Target’s “Island Moonlight” candles; they’re not the same level of magic, but it’s the same smell in a more muted way…and SO much cheaper. 🙂
    Kelsey – thanks for sharing the Bullet Journal. I have had the same issue as you with a ridiculous amount of notebooks…so glad it’s not just me, but feel bad for abandoned notebooks everywhere. 😉 This concept makes me super excited!
    Also, ditto on NPR being such a downer in the morning. What is the name of the “simple life” podcast you mentioned?

  2. Thanks for the tip on the cheaper version Vanessa, and thanks for listening! The podcast we mentioned is called The Art of Simple Podcast 🙂

  3. Erica – Yay for a cocktail that can be adapted fairly seamlessly to virgin! Sounds like the perfect patio drink for sitting out on the deck if the warmer weather ever comes here. I’m really enjoying hearing about your adoption experience so far. Thanks for sharing something so personal! My mom adopted my sister before I was born and has spoken several times about how nerve wracking the experience was with the agency, interviews, and so many uncertain variables. I love your attitude toward everything.
    Kelsey – I was wondering more about your new role at work when you posted about it on your blog. Sounds like such a perfect fit for you, allowing you to pursue more creative work in your day job! I just threw out my stinky flats! I had given up on socklets since I had the issue with them showing – so unattractive! Those socklets look much more appealing than my pantyhose solution, especially for hot weather. I also love the idea of the Bullet Journal system. Even worse than an unorganized notebook, I have stacks of loose paper everywhere. I wish I could go paperless but there is just something about pen and paper for jotting down lists, ideas, and budgets. I’ll be trying this out too for sure!

  4. Thanks Kristy! Im looking forward to sharing openly about the adoption journey! Also, you MUST try Bullet Journal! Its changing our lives.

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