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In Defense of the Crisp

It’s Kentucky Derby time, so we decided to mix up a classic Mint Julep. If you’re a serious bourbon fan, you’d probably love it, but for us it was a bit intense. Kentucky, are we doing this right? Are we just wimps?


Mint Julep (from bon appetit magazine)

makes one drink

  • Crush 4 cups of ice.
  • In a pint glass or cocktail shaker, muddle 8 mint leaves and a teaspoon of brown sugar.
  • Add 2 ounces of bourbon and stir.
  • Pack a julep cup with ice until overflowing.
  • Strain bourbon mixture into cup. Stir drink until the outside of the cup frosts.
  • Top with more ice, garnish with a fresh mint spring, and serve.

We sip on those strong spring cocktails while talking about spring decorating and spring cleaning.

We’re also sharing some of our go-to recipes:

Minty Pea Dip

Pioneer Woman’s Crash Hot Potatoes

Shutterbean’s Rainbow Salad

S’More Bites 

Molly’s Winning Hearts and Minds Cake

Erica’s obsessed with these pens, and Kelsey’s obsessed with her new do.

In neighborhood news, Kelsey tells about the time she found a surprise in the bushes, and Erica goes on a scavenger hunt at Kelsey’s house. We also tell you about some neighbors we’d like to eat dip with.

6 responses to “In Defense of the Crisp”

  1. loved the podcast today…you guys are a hoot.
    I enjoyed your blog suggestions a couple of episodes ago. Do you have favorite podcasts that you’d be willing to share?

  2. Great episode, as usual. Love the recipe links!

  3. I laughed out loud at your banter about making neighbourhood friends. It is so hard sometimes as adults. I’d love to make more friends in our neighbourhood but I feel like age might be a bit of a barrier for us. I loved the tidbit about people having about 50 recipes in their repertoire years ago. My mom used to have the same few meals she’d serve and company would look forward to my mom’s chicken or cake. For them it was something different anyway! Also reminds me of a great article I read a while ago ( What ever happened to steamed broccoli being good enough? That said, I do want to try the rainbow salad! haha

  4. Hey thank you! We have so much fun making the show! I have a post lined up with my favorite podcasts that will publish next week! But until then I am loving Pop Culture Happy Hour, Snap Judgement, Spilled Milk, Radio Lab, and the Sarah R. Bagley Podcast. I know one of Erica’s favorites is The Art of Simple podcast.

  5. Thank you! If you have some favorite go-to recipes, you should share them in a blog post! I love to know what everyone else loves to make.

  6. Hey well if your older neighbors are like ours maybe they like stiff drinks, that’s always the beginning of a good get together 🙂 that’s so funny that you mentioned steamed broccoli, we’ve been eating a lot of that, Dash LOVES it and I do too. Cheap, healthy, easy. Going to go check out this article!

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