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Fall Extravaganza & Naked Muffins

It’s October, so this episode we celebrate fall unashamed! We kicked things off with this lovely cocktail…

Spiced Faux Fall Collins

Follow linked recipe but substitute bourbon for gin for the cocktail and no alcohol for the mocktail (sad face). 


We go all out with a decorated table, some fall scents filling the air, burning Wasabi Apple and Leaves candles, and snacking on Pumpkin Cranberry Crisps and Erica’s go-to pumpkin bread recipe.

We talk about why fall is basically the best thing ever, what fall looks and smells like for us, and our fall traditions.

We challenge each other to a fall scent blind sniff test, and each share our list for the Top 5 Signs of Fall in Arizona. Kelsey explains the holiday she invented, Falliday, and we exchange traditional Falliday gifts.

Cooler weather makes us look forward to new fashion and beauty routines (Erica loves the NYX Eye Brow Push-Up Bra Pencil), and get back into the kitchen to cook up some cozy recipes:

In current obsessions (besides fall in general) Erica is obsessed with honeycrisp apples, and Kelsey has found some great new sources for fall recipes, Penzeys and Yankee Magazine.

In Neighborhood News, we’re looking forward to a possible neighborhood holiday gathering, and another neighbor’s Halloween decor is a little too subtle.

**We are making The Girl Next Door Book Club a quarterly thing! Our fall episode will air October 15th, and we’re reading and discussing Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and the Sherlock Holmes novel, A Study in Scarlet. Join us?!**

2 responses to “Fall Extravaganza & Naked Muffins”

  1. Did Erica also mention a chicken tikka masala recipe? I would love a link to that 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Did Erica also mention a chicken tikka masala recipe? I would love a link to that 🙂 Thanks!

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