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Parenting Toddlers & Nothing Is Easy

 We’re tackling toddlers, not literally (although we may want to at times), but the topic of parenting toddlers. This requires a strong cocktail (in our new cocktail glasses and fat square ice via Heart of Light)


Limoncello Aranciata Rossa Sparkler

  • 1 shot vodka
  • 1 shot limoncello
  • top with Aranciata Rossa San Pellegrino

We starting on a positive note, with the cute stuff our toddlers are doing lately, including dropping it like its hot and growling at their own shirts.

We talk about some of the hardest parts of parenting at this age, including the logistics of things like potty training and sleeping in a big kid bed as well as toddler discipline. We also share some helpful tricks and tips we’ve learned the hard way as well as the following sanity-saving resources:

Kelsey is obsessed with her humidifier and her new Letterfolk board. Erica loves the Mini Micro Kick Scooter for toddlers and preschoolers!

In neighborhood news, a beloved neighbor has moved, and there was quite a wizard at a local restaurant.

14 responses to “Parenting Toddlers & Nothing Is Easy”

  1. Very time appropriate for me! With a 19 month old who has slept through the night a handful of times and has been going through ‘sleep regression’ over the last month…oooh boy!
    Great list as always!

  2. Oh man! It goes in waves, it will get better!! Wishing you all the coffee!

  3. Great episode, ladies! Loved hearing the stories about your kids (the story of Cedric’s dinosaur shirt had me cracking up on my commute). I have a 20-month-old, and it is hard. And wonderful! But so much boundary-testing that I often ask myself “is THIS the hill I want to die on?” It’s hard to know when to stand firm and when to ease up.
    Also, THANK YOU for bringing up the psychological benefits of naptime. Those no-nap days are my least favorite. Not having that time to do whatever I want (eg pee alone and possibly eat something I don’t feel like sharing)drives me kind of crazy. Reliable alone time is key to parental happiness.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your wisdom! It helps to know the exact same scenarios are playing out at households nationwide. 😉

  4. Loved this episode! Clearly this was an important topic for you, it showed.
    I am sorry to hear about grandpa moving, it made me sad to hear that.
    On happier notes, I am living in Geneva right now and I can testify scooters are an important method of transportation in this city, not only for kids, also for grown ups, suits on scooters, business women on scooters, seen them all, don’t get me started on the people that has electric scooters. It’s a happy place.
    Sorry I don’t have much to say about toddlers, but I feel like listening to your podcast is preparing me for the years to come, the good parts and the not so good ones. Have a great weekend!

  5. We are so glad this resonated with you, you are definitely not alone! Those no-nap days are just hard no matter who you are or where you are – wishing you good nap days this week!

  6. Awww, thank you! How fun to see scooters everywhere!

  7. Hey ladies, loved the podcast but was wondering the kids ages the whole time. How old are your kiddos?

  8. Oh great question! Erica’s girls are nearly-3 and 4, my boys are 15 months and 3.

  9. I left a longer comment on IG, but just wanted to say again that I loved this episode, even though I’m nearly beyond the toddler years! You guys do a wonderful service to toddler mamas with your honesty, especially about sleep. It’s long been a grievance of mine that so much attention is paid to newborn and infant sleep (both in how to make it happen, and also in commiserating when it doesn’t), but toddler sleep battles are THE WORST and moms feel very alone.
    Anyway, I’m sharing this with The Mom Hour listeners now, because we have many in your stage of life and sometimes Meagan and I tend to gloss over these details now that they’re mostly behind us.
    Oh, and thanks for the mention and the love for TMH too. So happy to be sharing this space with you two. 🙂

  10. Thank you so much, Sarah! I could talk some honesty about sleep all day 🙂 It’s wonderful to have you guys just ahead of us reminding us of the things that will get easier, and offering advice for the challenges we have yet to face! You guys are like our podcast sister show 🙂

  11. Hi – I found this podcast through the mom hour, and I found it so helpful! I can’t wait to try out things with my almost 2 year old. I especially loved the tips for saying you’ll remember next time, and other more positive ways to enforce boundaries. You mentioned 2 IG accounts, I found busy toddler but couldn’t remember the other (bitty something?). Thank you!

  12. Hi Emily! Welcome! The other IG account is bitty.beginnings
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  13. I love this! Sometimes to remain a good and patient parent, a cocktail is in order. Very fun post!

  14. Thank you, Julie, isn’t that the truth! 😉

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