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Marriage as Parents & Mothballs

This episode is all about how being parents has impacted our relationships as married couples. You might title it Happy Marriages Despite Kids. It can definitely feel like the children are conspiring to make marriage more difficult at times, so we’re sharing some thoughts on how we keep marriage a priority while parenting young children. This calls for a cocktail…


 Mint Watermelon Slush

adapted from A Beautiful Mess

  • Cranberry juice
  • frozen watermelon
  • gin
    Blend everything together until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve garnished with a mint leaf and/or a lime wedge.

We share the positive and negative ways parenting has affected our marriage, tips we’ve learned from other couples with inspiring marriages, and how we’re hoping to model healthy relationships for our little ones.

Kelsey’s tips:
day dates
new adventures like new restaurants or new things around town, remind you of dating
offering the other one solo time
just make time for sex, people!
cultivating a bestfriendship
showing equality in the relationship
Erica’s tips:
showing affection
vocalizing gratitude
make getting ready for dates an event
master bedroom as invite only
show reaching resolution and ending an argument in front of them

In current obsessions, Erica and Mr. Ladd love catching up over a cocktail and music videos on VEVO at the end of the week, and Kelsey is loving her French press coffee maker.

In neighborhood news, there is a serious moth ball situation down the street that needs to be discussed.

2 responses to “Marriage as Parents & Mothballs”

  1. I think it was in this episode that you mentioned sometimes not wanting your husbands to touch you because your kids have been touching/clinging to you, so you just need some time to yourself. I don’t have kids yet but I do teach preschool and have kids touching me and talking to me all day! My husband works at the same school as me so we usually take our lunch break together. He’ll usually touch my side or back as we walk, or try to hug me, and I brush him off, “No! Please don’t touch me. I just need a few minutes of space, please.” I used to feel guilty about it, but now I realize it’s just what I need to feel like a person. He understands now, too haha

  2. I’m glad we can normalize this for you, it’s definitely a thing!

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