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Summer Cozy & Hearty Bottoms

We're talking summer coziness, and how plan to keep our positive attitudes and sanity in the extreme summer heat of the desert. But first, a cocktail…


Pineapple Gin & Tonic
makes two drinks
2 oz gin
3 oz pineapple juice
juice of one lime
To each glass add 1 oz gin, 1.5 oz pineapple juice and half of the lime juice.
Stir, fill glass with ice and top with tonic water.
Kelsey read an intersting Article on the Norwegian concept of "koselig" and it inspired us to think about the ways we can make summer, even in the sweltering heat, "cozy."
Kelsey loves her pocket garden hose, and has discovered these cute mini ice pop molds.
Erica loves her Contigo cups for very icy beverages and Erica loves her new water shoes, perhaps a little too much.

4 responses to “Summer Cozy & Hearty Bottoms”

  1. Erica I would love to ask what your favorite easy cold pasta and grilling recipes are for the summer. I love the idea of meatballs and a jar of sauce in the crock pot (via Sarah Bagley)! I’ll take that as your recommended easy crock pot recipe 🙂
    There were so many great tips in this episode that I actually sat down and took notes!
    Great job as always!

  2. Hey thank you! Sorry we missed this, Erica always has great summer recipes, I want her pasta salad recipe, too! I’ll ask her to share it on Facebook or Instagram.

  3. I actually forgot to request your Chocolate Icebox Pie recipe too. Sounds delish!

  4. Yes! Blogging about this is on my to-do list, everyone needs a great chocolate ice box pie in their lives!

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