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Family Memory Keeping & Missing Torti

  Mango margarita | Girl Next Door Podcast

We're sipping a mango margarita and diving into how we are – and aren't – documenting family memories. Plus we talk about how we decide what sentimental items to hold on to and what to let go of. 

Mango margarita
makes 2 drinks

3 cups Mango lemonade (we used Trader Joe's, naturally)
2 ounces Horinto's tequila
juice from about one and a half limes 
chile lime salt for the rim
lime wedges for garnish

Rub the rim of each glass with a lime wedge and dip into chile lime salt. Fill each glass about half way with ice and then split the mango lemonade, tequila and lime juice between the glasses. Stir and garnish with a lime wedge.

In the episode, Kelsey shares her system of using Google Photos to back up her iPhone photos, Google Photo Albums to group photos and Blurb to create yearly family albums. Erica is all ears. 

Here's Kelsey's system for organizing photos which she learned about from this helpful blog post:

+ Take all photos with my iPhone
+ Back up photos using the Google Photos app on my iPhone about once per month (do this while on wifi!)
+ Once photos are backed up to Google Photos I delete all photos phone – feels so good!
+ In Google Photos on my laptop I go through the photos I recently uploaded and select all the photos I want to include in our yearly family photo book and then copy them to a Google Photo Album titled Team Wharton 2016.
+ At the end of the year when I'm ready to make a photo book I select all the photos in the Team Wharton Google Photo album and copy them to a folder on my desktop.  This makes it easy to upload all the photos I want into an online photo book program, like Blurb (which I've used several times and have been really happy with).
Kelsey's other photo-related tip is to use the Persnickety prints app to print different size photos including square format (Instagram photos).
Erica's shares her tip for printing family photos by ordering prints as soon as you return home and buying a frame even before you take the trip.
In other family memory keeping Kelsey uses a journal from Shutterfly to jot down memories about the boys and she has also loved using her Nikki McClure First 1000 Days journals for each boy.
In obsessions Kelsey is obsessed with the Creative Lunch hour she established at work and Erica can't stop eating On the Border chips and salsa.


6 responses to “Family Memory Keeping & Missing Torti”

  1. Always enjoy your podcast and just wanted to thank you for the digital photos help. I’m right now backing up all my pictures to google photos…32,000…lol, might take all summer!
    Since I have a chromebook that doesn’t have a ton of space for downloading pictures. I did a little research and apparently “Pastbook” allows you to create photo books with google photos without having to download the pictures first. The review seem promising but I haven’t checked myself for quality. I like the idea of eliminating one step though1

  2. Yes – high five lady!! That must feel so good! Ah this is interesting with the Pastbook – and it’s *possible* there is an option to upload right from the Cloud in blurb that I’ve overlooked, the software seems pretty smart so I wouldn’t be surprised. I think I’ve just found a way that works for me and not looking into the details much. Good job and keep it up!

  3. So much great I formaation in this episode! I downloaded Google photos and it has changed my life! Thanks for the suggestion. I usually use shutterfly to make photo books but think I might give blurb a try. Any reason you use this vs something like shutterfly? Just curious any pros or cons to either when using Google photos. Keep up the great work! I love the show!

  4. I’m so happy you are using and loving Google Photos!! RE: Blurb vs. Shutterfly, I was attracted to Blurb bc I saw another blogger ( use it and liked the look of her photos books and I’ve been happy with it but haven’t tried a Shutterfly photo book, perhaps they are similar. I love the full bleed pages in the Blurb books with the pictures taking up the whole page and the 7 in x 7 in size is really nice, big enough to be substantial but small enough to tuck on a shelf. So far no complaints about using Google Photo, been doing this for a year or more and still very happy with it and my photo keeping system. Thanks for your kind words, love hearing from listeners!

  5. I couldn’t resist coming back to comment on this episode after getting a Next Door notification today about a missing Tortoise in MY neighborhood! I mean, what are the chances that SO MANY Torti seem to get lost??

  6. Haha, crazy! Maybe they are escaping to join together for a torti revolution!…

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