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Friendship Landscapes & Pick Up Lines


Cherry Vanilla Sparkler with a twist
(alternative name: melted popsicle)
makes 2
1 DRY vanilla soda
2 oz. light rum
1 oz. grenadine
juice of one lime juice
maraschino cherries and lime 
Add ice to two glasses and divide rum, grenadine and lime juice between the glasses. Top with DRY soda and stir. Garnish with a lime wedge and cherry held together on a toothpick.

We are talking all about making and keeping friends as grown women. We talk about what our friendship groups look like currently, what's changed about friendship for us growing up and into early adulthood, and how we intentionally cultivate community in our circle of girlfriends.

Kelsey found some great tips for making friends in the book MWF Seeks BFF which she mentioned on a very early episode of the podcast.

In current obsessions, Kelsey is into these planner accessories and videos: Kelly Purkey reading stamps and Hero Arts My Week stamps and Get To Work Book on YouTube.
Erica is loving these Igor play sandals for the girls, and Orly Rubberized Base Coat.

5 responses to “Friendship Landscapes & Pick Up Lines”

  1. Just discovered your podcast! I enjoy the casual conversation and relate-ability to every day life subjects. Looking forward to checking out older episodes.

  2. Hi Katie, thanks so much! There are some gems in there, enjoy the archives 🙂 Thanks for listening!

  3. Erica Puskas Avatar

    Thanks for a good episode to help me as I’m trying to slowly make new friends in an area where I feel like I have trouble fitting in. I totally related to you both when you mentioned being friends with people who also have significant differences because I love your podcast even though my lifestyle is so so different than both of yours! thanks again!

  4. So glad you related to this! You might really like the book MWF Seeks BFF, I felt like it really encouraged me to reach out to women if I was interested in being their friend. Friendships definitely take time, I know you’ll find some great ones.

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