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Happy 2017 & Festively Aggressive


We're ringing in the New Year with a good old goals talk, and of course a cocktail…

Winter Wassail
2 cups Winter Wassail drink (from Trader Joe's or elsewhere)
3 oz bourbon
2 oz brandy
2 cinnamon sticks
slices of fresh lemon
Combine all ingredients in a stovetop pan and heat until hot and nearly steaming. Split into two mugs and enjoy!
Erica's word for 2017 is FORWARD, and Kelsey's is CHOOSE. We talk about what those words mean to us and how we're setting some goals and action steps around those intentions.
This year, Erica's using the Inkwell Press Livewell planner and Meal Planner. Kelsey uses the Get To Work Book and a daily goal tracker (available for subscribers of the Elise Joy newsletter).
Kelsey's is Apple Pay for traveling light while grocery shopping, Erica's is The OA on Netflix and Storyworth.

3 responses to “Happy 2017 & Festively Aggressive”

  1. OMG Erica, that was an awesome message! Happy new year to both of you! Looking forward to a year with the GNDP 🙂

  2. Super excited to listen to this! Just wanted to mention though that neither of my Android podast apps (Stitcher and Podcast Republic) have updated the GND feed to show this episode yet 🙁 I know Kelsey mentioned switching hosting services a while ago, not sure if that’s why? Or maybe it’s just me? Anyway, thanks for putting such great content out there in the world!

  3. Hey thanks for mentioning that! I can’t think why there would suddenly be an issue, we’ve been on the new hosting since October. but I’ll look into it, and if it is a persistent issue do let me know. Thanks so much for taking the time to say that! Hope you enjoy the episode, and happy new year!

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