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Book Club 9: A Piece of the World

Read along and join us for the bookclub episode dedicated to discussing A Piece of the World, by Christina Baker Kline.

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We're sipping on a Whiskey Clementine and digging in to this novel. We share our likes, dislikes, favorite parts, and profound insights from the book based on Andrew Wyeth's famous painting, Christina's World.

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6 responses to “Book Club 9: A Piece of the World”

  1. What a great episode! I had never heard of the book before your podcast and I am so glad I read it. It was an “A” for me. Also, I loved your insight about the “broken shell” quote – I forgot all about that.

  2. Thanks so much for reading along, glad you enjoyed the book and discussion!

  3. This was the first book club episode I listened to and it was awesome! You guys are great! When you said that it didn’t feel like Wyeth was there for 20 summers, I think that’s part of Kline’s style of writing. After the more thrilling summers of her youth (when Walton was around), the rest just kind of blended into each other. It also correlated to her saying that she sees herself as a girl, because there wasn’t really much going on in her more adult life(hence those years blending together), mentally I think she was still that adolescent girl with more hopes or dreams. Just my take on it. Great book choice guys! Now I want to go back and read past book club picks 🙂

  4. So glad you liked it!! And this is a very interesting take; I like that perspective. Thanks so much for joining the book club!

  5. I love your book club episodes! I think we have similar tastes because the books are usually ones I would choose for myself anyway, but when you announced this selection and I read the description, I thought it sounded kind of boring. Of course, I read it anyway… and LOVED it! It was such an interesting read especially since it was about a person that many people would probably think led a very uninteresting life.
    I think in your talk you mentioned that Al (her brother; I forget his whole name) was so unselfish for staying with Christina and I thought so too. While I was reading, I found myself thinking about her other 2 brothers and trying to decide how I felt about them, that they were the only 2 that left the farm and got to live their “own” lives. Do you think that was selfish of them at all?
    And the part where Christina says that if she had those modern conveniences she might know what is going on in the wider world… I was so happy you mentioned that part! I think that is probably true of MANY people today. So many of us have conveniences and privileges that others don’t, and as a result, probably more time, too.

  6. So happy you read along and also enjoyed it! On the brothers … hmmmm! Because you sort of expect to move away and live your life. But if they knew that Christina and Al would be there it would have been nice if they were more included. Although at the same time Christina and Al never expressed an interest directly to be more included (I’m assuming). That’s a great question.

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