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Social Media & Real Relationships

We're chatting about the intersection of social media and real life/relationships while sipping on an icy cocktail because it's hottttt!

Skip and Go Naked
  • equal parts beer and lemonade
  • 1 shot of vodka
  • serve over ice, ideally in a red solo cup


Random things we mentioned this episode…

Jenna Kutcher had some great thoughts on this episode of her Goal Digger Podcast.
People we've "met" online and become friends with:
The Mom Hour and Sarah Powers
Sherrie Graham
Sarah Bagely
Our paint colors:
Erica's walls are painted Gray Owl and 50% strength and Kelsey's are full strength Gray Owl. Erica had the back of her doors painted Peppercorn and Kelsey's are Kendal Charcoal.
Kelsey's One Line A Day journal

9 responses to “Social Media & Real Relationships”

  1. Loved this episode, as always! I actually think I’m enjoying your podcast even more since becoming a mom; it feels even more like I’m getting a chance to chat with friends, maybe partly because staying home with a baby all day makes me extra grateful for adult conversation in any form haha
    I’m thinking of getting back into journaling as well; this is probably also a result of becoming a mom. I have so many feelings and thoughts I want to process and don’t want to forget.

  2. Capturing all those thoughts and memories while they are happening will create such a treasured snapshot. Becoming a mom is like nothing else; even if you have more kids the experience will be different each time and the first time is especially tender. Even just a note here or there dashed off you’ll be glad to have. And I think the writing helps me to be more present – the days are both long and a blink!

  3. I loved this episode, and I’ve been thinking so hard about how to use social media for good (connecting with loved ones! Cooking ideas!) instead of evil (comparison, anxiety, feeling left out). So here is where I’m currently at: Instagram, I mostly follow people I don’t know in real life and businesses I want to keep track of. Facebook, I have the Groups app but avoid the full page. Facebook triggers me like nothing else. It turns out if I wasn’t invited, I’m not that interested in your pictures. Unless you are my Mom. Then I’ll totally look at all your holiday pictures.

  4. Great episode 🙂 Social media is something I always find myself thinking about… I’m always so torn and flipping back and forth on my thoughts of sharing! At times I’m overwhelmed with the fact that literally ANYONE IN THE WORLD can see what I post on my public Instagram page and wonder if I should really be putting my life out there like that, but other times I think about how much I enjoy seeing other people’s feeds – people that I don’t know (but come to feel like I know), and knowing that others are going through same things as you, etc. can be comforting. I usually just come to the conclusion (like Erica mentioned) that in this day and age, anyone could find out almost anything about me if they really wanted to (not sure if that is supposed to comfort myself! ha!).
    Also, I can’t even imagine the heat you guys are going through right now! Try and stay cool, ladies!

  5. “The days are both long and a blink!” So true! I can’t believe Mabel was born 6 weeks ago, but at the same time, it feels like she’s been with us forever!

  6. Hi ladies! I’m slower in my podcast-listening over the summer, so I’m just getting to listen to this episode now! Kelsey, I was tickled pink that you mentioned how we met – I also think it’s the sweetest story, and I’m so glad that you’re still enjoying the issues of Everyday Food! 🙂 I enjoyed your whole discussion so much – as always, you both have such an enjoyable, thorough conversation about all of the aspects of social media. I especially appreciated Erica sharing the thoughtful delay tip for Instagram – I always feel better (and my feed is probably better, too!) when that’s what I’m doing. Stay cool! 😉

  7. This sounds like such a great balance! Taking a step back and realizing what you like and dislike and then instituting parameters can really make it a force for support and connection in your life. Keep it up!

  8. Yes I hear you, connecting with people is so amazing but it does come at a cost of some privacy. Sometimes it’s hard to know how concerning it should be. Trying to stay cool, thank you!

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