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2017 Update & A Thwack in the Night


We're revisiting our 2017 goals and intentions and checking in on how they're going while sipping on a stormy cocktail.
Monsoon: Orange-banana-strawberry juice, Cream of coconut, Ginger beer, Dark rum. Shake juice and cream of coconut in a cocktail shaker. Pour over ice. Top with ginger beer. Float a shot of dark rum on the top.
Checking in on 2017
We're keeping organized with our Inkwell Press planner (Erica) and Get To Work Book planner +multi-colored mini highlighters (Kelsey).
We both have writing on the brain. We're taking this book proposal e-course from A Beautiful Mess and this freelance writing e-course from Chaunie Brusie.
The classic GND episode where we reveal what's in our purses and how different we really are when it comes to makeup.
Erica: turned her LipSense obsession into a business
Kelsey: painting her nails red with GoGo Girl from Revlon (we found it at Walgreens)

2 responses to “2017 Update & A Thwack in the Night”

  1. Angelique Eliopoulos Avatar
    Angelique Eliopoulos

    Hi 🙂 I’m binging on your episodes now, so this may be old news to you and you may have talked about this in the past, but if you haven’t checked out Bullet Journaling do it! To me, it helps bridge that gap you talked about between your online calendars and to-dos with your paper, grocery lists, notebooks, journals and 20 million post-its laying around (me).

  2. This is so funny – if you go far enough back in the archives you will hear that we both loved the bullet journal for a while! Love the concept, but ended up needing something with a bit more structure. But perhaps something like that could be good in addition to my planner for capturing ideas, etc. Thank you!

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