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Back to School & Neighbor Spying

The kids are back to school and we're not sad about it. We chat about back to school traditions and routines, what a new school year means for us as moms, and why the heck dinner time is hard no matter what.


Phone It In: pomegranate hard sparkling water, Iconic Cocktail Co. grapefuit and sea salt mixer, lime

Back to school

When it comes to back to school, we can agree on the following philosophy: "I am just more prepared to greet the day when I have my bra on."

Erica's book Candid Classroom is a great resource for parents during the elementary school years.


Kelsey: classic rock on the radio and her Oxo water bottle cleaning brushes.

Erica: Zella Live In High Waist Leggings


6 responses to “Back to School & Neighbor Spying”

  1. Hi Kelsey and Erica! Great podcast as always. One comment that stuck with me was Kelsey’s thoughts on how hard it is to find boy clothes. I find it tough too. I remembered seeing a bug shirt at Carter’s and wanted to share – it’s on sale for only $4 for labor day weekend. They also had a space one. I thought they were cute and a little different from the usual offerings.

  2. I have the very same issues with boy’s clothes. They were actually also talking about this (and other things) on the Longest Shortest Time recently: . I’m not above a graphic tshirt, but do they all have to say stupid, gendered things? And I’m definitely the kind of mom that’s going to take a seam ripper to a tiny, useless patch on a pair of (otherwise perfectly gender neutral) overalls that says “all-American handsome.” Because, WHY DO WE NEED THAT?
    I recently order some clothes from Primary and I’ve been pleased. The quality seems good and the price is right, plus lots of colors to choose from (not just blue and red!) and no gendered graphics.

  3. Loved this episode! I thought the idea to offer to help teachers by cutting things out or making playdough, etc was genius! I wonder how parents would feel if teachers put that out there as a request? I work at a private school that parents pay a lot of money for their kids to attend, so I’m not sure if I would be “allowed” to ask parents to help in this way but I’m making a note to ask when I go back to work next year!
    Re: clothes. I’m already frustrated with clothing and gender stereotypes and Mabel is only 3 months old! Today at H&M I saw a hoodie marketed only for boys (I forget what the sign said, but I know it was about boys) that said something like “Ready to go and change the world” on it. It was just blue with the words and I loved it! I went on a small rant to Tony about, “How is that only for boys? Girls can change the world, too!” and told him that I will always check the boys section for clothes for Mabel haha.

  4. Cute! Thank you! And since we recorded Target did come out with some cute space shirts for boys.

  5. I’ve been looking at primary! I love dressing the boys in simple and soft polo shirts. They used to carry them at Target but no more. Good to hear you’re liking Primary, I might stock up there!

  6. There are so many clothes in the boys section I would put my girl in so definitely do that! I used to buy girls leggings for the boys when they were just sitting and crawling bc they are so comfortable and functional for crawlers. On asking parents for help…we pay for our daycare and get a note saying that they welcome volunteers and of course I’m happy to help. So maybe if you present it as a way that you are trying to include them and as an “opportunity” – which it really is! – it would go over well. I love being involved but then don’t want to encroach on the teacher’s territory so maybe just putting it out there as an option will bring some parents forward. Good luck!

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