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Building Community & Aggressive Makeovers

How to build a supportive community | Girl Next Door Podcast

This episode is a collaboration between five podcasts. Check out the other podcasts listed at the end of this post to hear their take on building community.


Redhead on Broadway: two parts bourbon to one part sweet vermouth and top with ginger beer. It's Erica's softened version of a Manhattan.

Building community or "Nobody doesn't like a friendly neighbor"

We chat about what having community looks like for us, what we'd like to improve about our current communities, how motherhood has changed our perspectives, and how to build community without creating a bubble around yourself. Erica also shared: "Organized fun…I just have a hard time with." 


Erica is obsessing over her new thick and soft makeup brush. Kelsey is obsessed with getting a fall feeling by browsing her fall Pinterest board.

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This episode is part of a collaboration between several podcasters all chatting about the same topic. Please check out these other awesome shows:

25% Friends / Sarah and Kim are 100% friends but only 25% alike. They're two girls who appreciate their similarities, respect their differences, and always find common ground. On their podcast they chat about everything from serious and deep topics like vulnerability and relationships to the fun and silly like their favorite treats and their love for their pets.
Cohesive Home / Melissa and Kate, two laid-back moms, explore the topics you most want to hear about– family minimalism, adventuring with your kids, living by your values, and more– all in the time it takes you to brew your morning coffee. Sometimes ridiculous, always on point, the Cohesive Home podcast puts the fun back in parenting and creating your happier, simpler home.  
Friendlier / It's like eavesdropping on a phone call between Sarah and Abby, long time friends—and now parents—who love to talk, read, and eat. Every episode they review books, share recipes, and explore a sometimes random/sometimes serious topic.
Minimalist Moms / Minimalist Moms is a bi-weekly conversation between two minimalist-living moms, Megan Ericson and Diane Boden. Our goal is to inspire you to think more and do with less.


2 responses to “Building Community & Aggressive Makeovers”

  1. Ladies, I feel like your podcasts just get better and better! This week really hit home for me and made me take action toward building a community. I’m starting small by having some girlfriends over for a fall lunch or brunch (undecided at this point!). I am so excited to decorate a table and celebrate our friendship and accomplishments at work! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Gosh what an amazing compliment – THANK YOU! That sounds perfect. Sometimes just putting something on the calendar is what you need to take a little leap. How great to celebrate accomplishments and friendship – enjoy!

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