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Making a House a Home & New Old Neighbors

The Girl Next Door Podcast


In honor of recently publishing our ONE HUNDREDTH episode (thanks for tipping us off, Emily!) we're splitting a cupcake from a favorite local spot, The Coffee Shop.

Making a House a Home

We both shared the essential things that make us feel at home. Kelsey said great natural light, a place for reading or writing, a kitchen ready for cooking. Erica said her dogs, good candles, and soap.

Kelsey is inspired by her natural desert surroundings and older buildings and cultural spots in Phoenix. She also loves the Young House Love Has A Podcast. She's going for mid-century modern meets Scandinavian minimalism meets Mexican hacienda. Erica is inspired by Finders Keepers Design and describes her style farmhouse meets industrial cozy. Her sister-in-law Emily has also been really helpful.

We described our general homemaking philosophies. Kelsey channeled William Morris with, "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." She also needs to have a home for everything and recommends taking your time. 

Erica says, "If you love it, put it in your house. And if you don't, don't." She thinks about how does the space make other people feel. And she firmly believes that you don't need to spend a lot of money to create a home your own. 

We also chat about making a home comfortable for everyone living in a home – adults and kids alike.


Kelsey is obsessed with early Christmas planning with the help of a spreadsheet. Erica is obsessed with her new copper pendant light fixtures.


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