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Scary Stuff & Biscuit Cans

Stupid stuff that scares us | The Girl Next Door Podcast


We enjoy a seasonal favorite, the Four Peaks Pumpkin Porter.


Stupid stuff we're scared of

We're revealing what scared us as kids, how we feel about scary movies, the stupid stuff still scares us as adults, and how we cope.

"If you can open a biscuit can without flinching you should be a Navy seal." TRUTH.



Erica is very sad that Narcos is over. Kelsey is loving her exensive-but-worth-it fancy Simple Human trash can.

6 responses to “Scary Stuff & Biscuit Cans”

  1. My 2 year old has had the pukey flu twice. If I can tell it’s going to happen I run to the bathtub, because she freaks if put her face in the toilet or sink. She doesn’t usually puke huge amounts so it is easy to clean up, not a big deal. But it does suck because she doesn’t know what is happening and is scared. Now that she is 2 she can take Emotrol and it is a miracle life saver, keeps you from throwing up.

  2. You guys always have me cracking up! I listen to you on my commute to work and I can often be found laughing out loud to myself. This was def one of your better episodes! I too am so spooked out by my sneaky children, kids puking, biscuit cans, and champagne. I especially loved your whole ghost encounter plan! Keep the funny times coming, love you guys!

  3. Puke is just no fun all around. Good job for being brave through it, mama!

  4. I just wanted to say, I am laughing out loud and spat coffee on the table.
    The bear, Chris on the toilet and my god the garbage disposal, oh my goodness….ladies i needed a laugh and this has accomplished this so well.
    Thanks for the laugh and the joy of this conversation.

  5. So glad we could deliver the needed laugh – sorry about the coffee 😉 but sounds like it was worth it!

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