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2017 Wrap Up & Skin Care Like A Boss



We're reflecting on 2017, the good and the challenging, and have a guest appearance from past Erica and Kelsey.


We tried the $5 California Roots pinot grigio from Target and we approve!

Wrapping up 2017

We give chronological Cliff Notes for each of our families in 2017.

Erica's word of Forward and Kelsey's of Choose and how those influenced our year.

Our bests of 2017:

Place you went

Erica: Fairmont Princess

Kelsey: Arizona Inn for Chris’s 40th birthday

Book you read

Neither of us could pick just one!

Erica: Born a Crime audiobook, Commonwealth, The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry

Kelsey: Gentleman in Moscow and Little Fires Everywhere

Podcast and/or music you listened to

Erica: Beyoncé's Lemonade

Kelsey: More Perfect and Still Processing (especially the A Journey to the 'Blacksonian' episode and the We Get Biracial episode).

Movie or television show

Erica: Narcos, Game of Thrones (obv), West World

Kelsey: Stranger Things, The Glass Castle

Habit (old or new)

Erica: Skin care like a boss

Kelsey: Consistently tracking my spending in Mint – recapping my personal allowance spending each month on my blog

New thing you tried

Erica: microfiber cleaning cloths

Kelsey: mint tea in the mornings, especially with some soy creamer and spiced honey

Thing you bought

Erica: home gel manicure kit

Kelsey: Instant Pot


Erica is obsessed with eating Country Archer jerky as a snack. Kelsey is obsessing over Brother Room and having her boys sleep in the same room.

6 responses to “2017 Wrap Up & Skin Care Like A Boss”

  1. Can we hear more about how you sold your boys on the Brother Room? I have a 3-year-old and 1-year-old boy and we are living in a 2-bedroom apartment in Chicago. We’ve tried to get them in the same room several times, and it has not ended well. Currently my 1-year-old sleeps in our walk-in closet! I know they may just be a bit young for it, but I am dying to get them set up and sleeping reliably in their Brother Room. Thanks!

  2. Hi Dana! You know I think we just got lucky. We talked about it casually here and there for several weeks but I really expected more backlash once we actually did it. I wish I could be more help but they just kind of went along with it. We just talked about how fun a Brother Room would be and showed them we were excited about it but I’m sure that’s what you are doing. Yes, maybe just a bit young to sell them on it – although also maybe young enough that if you power through for a week or two they would get used to it? Good luck!

  3. Can a girl get a link to this microfiber system?? “It’s all about the system” 🙂

  4. I second the above on the microfiber kit and would also like to request a link to the gel manicure set as well!

  5. Thanks, Kelsey! We actually just gave it another try about 10 days ago, and so far so good. We’ve had a few bumps along the way, but I think it might actually stick this time!

  6. Oh this is so great to here – congratulations!

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