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Etiquette & Napkins in Your Lap

Modern etiquette | The Girl Next Door Podcast



Prim & Proper: Iconic Cocktail Cranberry Thyme mixer, ginger beer, and fresh lime juice.


Kelsey’s manners are inspired by the Deep South and Erica’s by the buttoned up Midwest. We chat about the manners we learned and saw modeled growing up, the etiquette rules we follow (and break) now, and what rules are non-negotiable – even if they’re kind of weird.

We mentioned an episode of The Mom Hour about teaching manners to kids.


Kelsey is getting her floss on and Erica loves these USB twinkle lights so much that she gifted a set to Kelsey.


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6 responses to “Etiquette & Napkins in Your Lap”

  1. Will you tell us your taco dip recipe, please?!?!

  2. Coming soon to to Instagram!

  3. I’m like Kelsey; I always send a thank you card (although I wasn’t brought up this way). But I have a question: As someone who lives far away (half the world!) from most of my family and friends, it can take a LONG time for a thank you card to reach someone. So I always say thank you via email or Facebook first but still send a card. But I always worry they think I’m rude for saying thank you online (especially for a handmade or super thoughtful gift), but feel like it’s better than them waiting for a thank you card and wondering if I got/appreciate their gift.
    Any insights on this (probably silly) worry I have?

  4. P.S. I asked on the show notes of your last episode but I’m not sure if you saw, would you guys mind sharing your Google spreadsheet you use for Christmas (an empty one, not asking you to reveal secrets ;). I would love to use it to keep track! Thanks!

  5. I think what you are doing is fine! If you REALLY wanted to do handwritten I guess you could send a quick Facebook message (if they use that…maybe “Great Aunt Marge” isn’t though) and say you’re dropping one in the mail. I think sending any kind of note of thanks is so appreciated whether snail or digital.

  6. I’ll send you a screen shot of mine…it’s really simple so it’s not much of a template. Just listing the people I buy for down the first column and then writing what ideas I have next to that and then I put DONE or ORDERED when things are bought. But it is super handy to keep track of.

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