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Book Club: The Keeper of Lost Things

Join us for book club! | The Girl Next Door Podcast

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We sip on Trader Joe's rhubarb and strawberry soda with Caledonia Spirits Barr Hill Gin. Kelsey's wall calendar and cardinal glasses are by Charley Harper.

The Keeper of Lost Things

We read and really enjoyed Ruth Hogan's The Keeper of Lost Things. It was a cozy book with rich characters and we would recommend it! Contrary to Kelsey's early expectations this is NOT a book about gnomes.

Join us as we read The Heart's Invisible Furies for our next book club.



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4 responses to “Book Club: The Keeper of Lost Things”

  1. This is the first time I read the book club selection and I really enjoyed it! Would like to point out that, yes, it mentioned that Sunshine’s mom met with and spoke with Laura about Sunshine’s visits early in their relationship. Laura assured her it was no trouble even though that wasn’t quite how she really felt.
    Can you please add the next book club selection to the show notes? Along with a link to your calendar you mentioned, or the artist’s name? (The cardinals). Thanks so much ladies, keep doing what you do!

  2. Good memory, Amy! And I’ve added the links you requested 🙂

  3. Thanks for the episode. I loved the book. Listening to you made me feel like I was back in college English class (that’s a good thing). I love the format – it’s not a summary, but more of a critique and pointing out themes throughout the book. Thank you!

  4. This was such a lovely book, and I am so glad for the Book Club episode because I hadn’t ever heard of it!

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