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Surviving the Cold Season & Bag Situations

Tips for surviving the cold season | The Girl Next Door Podcast

 Join us for our next book club when we read The Keeper of Lost Things.

Immunity cocktail: a hot cup of fox tea (Trader Joe’s fall harvest tea) and a shot of homemade elderberry syrup

Surviving cold and flu season

We chat about how our immune systems are holding up this cold and flu season. We also talk about what we stock in our medicine cabinet, our secret super power of swallowing pills, home remedies, and what we remember about sick days as kids. Stay healthy out there, friends!

Things we mention:

warm mist humidifier

Gut and The Good Gut, two great books on gut health that Kelsey recommends

Boogie Wipes

Mucinex and Mucinex Cold and Flu


Fierce Melon Gatorade

Usolved Mysteries, David the Gnome

A great crispy tofu recipe

Trader Joe’s meatless meatballs

Trader Joe’s Creamy Tomato Basil pasta sauce


Erica is loving Sweedish Swimmers and endlessly fascinated by the new season of Sister Wives. Kelsey is spiralizing all the sweet potato noodles with her Paderno spiralizer and loving her family’s bag situation, including her Fjallraven pocket cross-body purse and the boys’ backpacks from L.L. Bean.

8 responses to “Surviving the Cold Season & Bag Situations”

  1. Kelsey! I had viral meningitis when I was in college and they kept thinking I was pregnant (despite my assurances that I was not), but I was nauseous in the morning from the pressure on my meninges. I was then diagnosed with a sinus infection… until a few days later when they had to give me a spinal tap because the pressure was so great my speech was incoherent. All that to say, glad you’re ok! Hoping for a healthier 2018 for both of you!

  2. So glad you guys are back! Kelsey, I literally yelled YESSS! when you mentioned David the Gnome! I loved that show as a kid! Did you watch Eureka’s castle too? I think it was on either right before or right after. Erica-I am also obsessed with Sister Wives and I’ve been resisting getting started/hooked on Seeking Sister Wife and now I think I just am going to have to give in and watch it now. 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh – that sounds horrible! I forgot to mention that I had to have a spinal tap as well. Honestly, that horrible situation and having to have that done was a motivator to have non medicated births and no epidural bc I didn’t have good memories of having a spinal tap! It was fine but just because of the situation it was scary.

  4. Oh gosh YES to Eureka’s Castle! I’m remembering a little of it I’ll have to look it up online. There was also one with a girl with maybe red hair and a koala bear and sometimes they magically traveled places – ???

  5. Please add the next book club selection to the show notes. :0)
    My husband had viral meningitis on our wedding day. Spent a couple hours between ceremony and reception the the ER. For better or worse right? This is in addition to our church steeple being struck by lighting and catching on fire a mere 3 days before our wedding. But if someone was trying to tell us something we are still happily married 12 years later. And I can finally laugh about it all. ;0)

  6. I agree with Amy, why doesn’t it say what our book club book is? I have forgotten since I didn’t look it up right away… 🙂

  7. Oh my gosh – what a memorable wedding day indeed! Glad everything turned out OK!
    The book club pick and a link is added to the top of the show notes! Thanks!

  8. Thanks for the note – I’ve added the book club pick to the top of the show notes! And if you’d like to know even earlier we share our book club picks with our newsletter subscribers first as a little perk for subscribing. Thanks so much for listening!

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