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Our Hair & Unleashing the Mane



We drink Arizona Wildnerness's March for Orange IPA.

Our hair, ourselves

We talk about what our hair looks like when it's completely in its natural state and how we style it. Then we walk down memory lane and talk of hair styles past and what influences our styles as we were learning to manage our hair. We chat about how we care for and style our hair today, what our hair assets are and what challenges we're working with.

Things we mention:

Moroccan Oil Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

Moroccan Oil treatment

Bed Head Control Freak Serum

Kristin Ess Air Dry Creme

Tresemme Extra Firm Control

Rusk Texture Spray

HairArt Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

Trader Joe's 3-in-1 shampoo

Trader Joe's Nourishing Conditioner

Trader Joe's Hair Mask

It's a 10 miracle leave-in product

Loma Calming Creme

Hairstory New Wash

Oil slick hair color

Rose gold hair color

Asymmetrical bob cut


Erica is loving her tinted car windows and Kelsey is obsessed with her new quilted field jacket from J. Crew (sold out online but Kelsey purchased hers on eBay!).


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8 responses to “Our Hair & Unleashing the Mane”

  1. Two things! Kelsey – you should look so CUTE with a pixie cut. I’ve done it twice. I actually have felt more feminine with short hair because I’m not just hiding behind my hair, also cute earrings!
    And Erica “but I’m a mom”, I so feel you. I have always kind of wanted my nose pierced but I feel like that shipped has sailed now that I’m 32 and a mom. You can’t get your nose pierced at 32!! Right?

  2. Kelsey. You are speaking my language. Similar hair, similar dread about the cost of “It’s a 10” product (even though I love it), similar temptation/dread with a pixie cut. Thank you for speaking fully to my hair experience! I loved this chat, ladies! Thank you!

  3. Your hair is so cute! And I think you would be adorable with a nose piercing. I unintentionally let my nose piercing close during my pregnancy with Cedric but I loved it and if you feel brave enough to get it you should do it (and it’s not that bad, over in a second!).

  4. Haha, oh I’m so glad you can relate!

  5. This was a fun ep!
    Kelsey, I, too, have the finely-textured-hair-but-a-LOT-of-it issue. I cut mine pixie-ish 20+ years ago (I’m in my 50’s now), when we moved to a verrrry windy (and very hot) area of the States, because it was either ponytail the hair all the time or continually lose the battle of keeping it out of my face. My hair does NOT a good ponytail make :P, so short hair happened. Over the couple of decades I’ve had short hair, I’ve had different short hairstyles, some of which I enjoyed more than others. I currently have it super-duper-short and love it — I still enjoy using headbands and hair clips, but they’re accessories rather than necessity. Also, I ditto what Andee said above about feeling more feminine with short hair than I did with longer hair. Now that I have my hair uber-short, I’m wanting to get additional ear piercings :D.
    Going short is scary because you can’t add the hair back! BUT, if you end up not liking the first cut/style, you can always try another cut/style. Also, with short hair, you’ll really notice just how much your hair actually does grow in a month’s time =). Also also, short hair is soooo nice in the triple-digit-temps months!
    If I had thickly-textured hair, or curly hair, or hair with lots of waves, I’d love to have something other than a pixie cut. Alas, I have finely-textured, straight, lots-of-it hair that works great in pixie mode :P.

  6. What a great testimonial to short hair! Love the perspective of playing up jewelry with short hair. I actually just got a trim and am going back to one length hair – instead of layers – and am loving my hair so much more right now. But pixie might be somewhere in the future (eeek! maybe not…but maybe!).

  7. Kelsey, I just saw this video and I thought you might find it informative (maybe?) for hair decisions.
    This was such a fun episode to listen to! Always looking forward to your podcast 🙂

  8. Ooooohh this is fascinating, thank you for sharing!

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