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Taking the Temperature of Your Life & Inbox Honesty

Taking the temperature of your life | The Girl Next Door Podcast


We enjoyed Joy the Baker's browned butter chocolate chip cookies from Kelsey's freezer. They are VERY good.

Taking the temperature of your life

Everyone needs to take time to step back and reflect on how things are going. We chat about how we each know when things are going well and what red flags tell us they aren't. We also share what we do keep this self-reflection time in our lives.

Things we mention:

Visualizing the Grand Canyon from Cup of Jo

Playing Big by Tara Mohr

Our past episode on busyness and keeping the pace of life manageable


Kelsey is loving her digital organization situation including a new way to manage her Gmail, making lists on Google Keep, and saving online articles using Instapaper. Erica is loving an entire meal situation courtesy of Trader Joe's including these lentil wraps, lemon elderflower soda, and their frozen fruit tarte.

16 responses to “Taking the Temperature of Your Life & Inbox Honesty”

  1. Your dog story is SO weird! I am a dog parent + kiddo parent and I’ve had too many situations where parents encourage their kids to interact with my dog with snacks in their hands, despite my polite discouragement. It’s the worst because my golden retriever has zero self control when in range of a sandwich or cookie, and obviously I don’t want him going after a snack in a kids hand! Anyway I definitely err on the other side of trying to steer clear unless parents express dog enthusiasm.

  2. I so needed this episode! We’ve been at a untenable level with our schedule the last few months (gotta be running at 101 or higher!), and it really helped to hear you guys discuss exactly how I am feeling lately. Especially when Kelsey emphasized activities “across the family.” This is what we’re struggling with – my husband has started volunteering for a lot of organizations and these meetings are making things feel crazy, even though I don’t have to go to them. Not to mention the kids’s activities! Thanks for the validation and good ideas on how to get out of this stressful time in my life.
    Also, my gmail inbox was 32,749! So don’t feel as bad, Erica. While listening to the podcast, I deleted about 16,000 of promotions and social media emails.

  3. You are a great example of a responsible dog owner! And luckily I think many people are like you. But weirdly some aren’t…and I seem to keep encountering them!

  4. That does sound really hard. A spouses busyness really does become the other’s, doesn’t it? Maybe you need some regularly scheduled decompress time. Go inbox deletions!

  5. Thank you for this! So helpful with gmail inbox changes. I was using multiple inboxes already but it inspired me to edit even more! 😉

  6. You two are so fun! The Cookies sound amazing too! It’s nice to hear you checking in on how you are doing in life. That’s a healthy approach that I wish I would have done more of when I was younger. You girls are ahead of the game if you are this self-aware even in the midst of the busy Mommy years!

  7. Oh yay! Yes, this has been a game changer for me. to clean inboxes!

  8. Aw thank you! Often the podcast is like a mini support group or therapy session. I’m thankful the podcast and Erica are in my life for sure.

  9. Such an awesome episode! I am always super cautious having my dogs around kiddos Kelsey. There is no way I would ever let a random child come up to them AND I keep them on a tight leash! No way.
    I have a question about the gmail thing! I tried to set it up but when I marked them with a colored thing they stayed in my inbox and also went to the new one! I couldn’t figure it out. Any help? Thanks for sharing that tip! I will definitely need to use it for one of my clients who has a very dismal email situation happening lol!

  10. You sound like the kind of responsible dog owner I wish I was meeting in the park. Alas!
    For Gmail, once you give it an icon you have to check the message and ARCHIVE it (little folder with the down arrow) then it will only show up in your different mailboxes on the right side. Hope that helps and that you love the system – I still do!

  11. YES! That helps immensely! I’m going to go crazy in my client’s inbox now! Thank you!!

  12. Do you have the recipe for the lentil wraps?
    LOVED this episode! So many great tips.

  13. Just updated the show notes to include the recipe link – thanks for the reminder! I’m eager to make these too, they look amazing.

  14. Hi,
    My gmail just updated itself to this amazing set up a while ago: I have primary, promotions and social inbox. My email are separated by categories as soon as they arrive and don’t have to do anything.

  15. Do you have the link to Erica’s magic jeans? 🙂

  16. Hi Diane, I think these were mentioned in the “6 things happy couples do” episode and linked there, and here’s the link as well:
    hope these are magical for you as well!

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