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Big Job Changes & Feral Cats



We sip a light and refreshing lemon elderflower soda + rose wine cocktail.

Big job changes

Kelsey shares some big job news – she quit her job! So we chat all about what it's like to quit a job to follow a creative passion. Erica shares her experience doing this several years ago and Kelsey shares details about how she came to her decision and what she'll be doing now. It will definitely include podcasting with Erica in the daylight hours.

Things we mention:

Conscious Clothing


Kelsey is loving her simple hammered circle earrings from ABLE. Erica is loving on a few items from our favorite grocer, Trader Joe's: toasted coconut granola + Greek yogurt with honey, salt and pepper potato chips, and cooked gyro slices.

3 responses to “Big Job Changes & Feral Cats”

  1. Just listened to the episode – another great one! Congrats on taking the leap to leave your job, Kelsey!
    Erica – I hate neighbor confrontation and I work in local government, so here’s an idea based on actual experience and complaints received on the job – if you don’t want to confront the neighbors about the parking in front of the driveway issue, you can call the police non-emergency number about a parking violation and they can be ticketed. Your neighbors don’t have to know it’s you and everyone will learn quickly!

  2. Thank you, Jen! I’m still going to advocate for the banana bread route but I like that this is another solution … especially if the banana bread tactic does not solve the problem which would be so frustrating!

  3. This is a good point, I bet we have rules about that as well.

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