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Podcasts & Love Nachos


Bottoms up

We're staying hydrated with glasses of ice cold H2O.


We're dishing about how and when we listen to podcasts, our favorite podcasts, and which podcasts hosts we'd love to hang out with in real life.

Things we mention:


For the Love

The Relevant

Goal Digger

The Mom Hour and their recent episode with an update on Meagan's divorce

Young House Love Has A Podcast


Happier in Hollywood

Reply All



Best of Both Worlds

How I Built This

Still Processing

Note to Self

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Spilled Milk

Conversations with Tyler


Tony Robbins

The Rubin Report

Software Engineering Daily

Dear Mr. Potter

Story Pirates


Wow in the World

Circle Round


Erica is obsessed with SUGARFIX jewelry and Universal Threads at Target. Kelsey is obsessed with nachos.


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11 responses to “Podcasts & Love Nachos”

  1. Yay, I love getting new-to-me podcast recs! Reply All is also one of my favorites, and I, too, love PJ’s laugh…it’s so infectious. Longform podcast interviewed both Alex and PJ, individually, last year, so you (Kelsey) might be interested in listening to those eps if you haven’t already.

  2. I was soooooooo excited when I saw this episode title! I’m podcast obsessed and looking forward to discovering some more! Thanks!
    I’m going to be a new mom while also continuing with my career so I’m excited to start listening to Best of Both Worlds!

  3. Thanks for the rec – haven’t heard them!

  4. Hooray! Loved this episode! I don’t really need more podcasts to listen to, but that didn’t stop me from subscribing to a bunch more thanks to your recommendations.
    Yours is one of my faves though and I never miss an episode!

  5. While I was subscribing to the kid podcasts you recommended, my app recommended Peace Out, a relaxation and mindfulness podcast for kids. It is awesome! I love that it promotes taking ownership and control of your feelings, and gives clear actionable steps for children. My 5 year old didn’t stay focused the whole time, but she did take away a few action items. We like it so far! 🙂

  6. I’m caught up on all my podcasts right now, so I am going to try a couple of these to add to the mix. Thanks!
    On a separate note, Kelsey-I feel like you can have your olives on your nachos. You could make yourself a section of the baking sheet that has your black olives. Or, we sometimes do make your own nacho nights, and do individual plates and just pop the plates in the oven. My daughter and I are not black olive fans, but my husband and son are, so they always have them on their nachos 🙂

  7. I totally should! Because they are so good! I am still trying to recruit an olive fan among my boys … no takers yet, haha!

  8. Erica, I LOVE your What’s For Dinner podcast idea. Someone absolutely needs to do this!!!!

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