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Book Club: The Heart’s Invisible Furies



We share a soul-comforting lemon blueberry cinnamon roll from our neighborhood bakery.

The Heart's Invisible Furies

Join us for book club as we discuss John Boyne's rich, epic novel of Cyril Avery's life, The Heart's Invisible Furies.


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One response to “Book Club: The Heart’s Invisible Furies”

  1. Great book choice! It was definitely an amazing book and I love that you reiterated Maude’s quote about how much Charles knew about women. I actually sent a snapchat of that quote to several people when I read it because it was so classic.
    Towards the end, you guys mention that Cyril didn’t really know the connection Smoot had to his mom at the beginning, but I think towards the end Catherine told Cyril about Jack and they made the connection. I was reading through the book thinking a lot of events were very coincidental, but I do agree it worked. Thanks for choosing such a great book!

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