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Cars & Weird Driving Habits

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Cars & Weird Driving Habits | Girl Next Door Podcast

In this episode, we are talking all about the cars in our life: car memories from growing up, our first cars, the cars we drive now (and how clean or messy they are), and weird driving habits.

We mentioned SUGARFIX tiered tassel drop earrings.


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6 responses to “Cars & Weird Driving Habits”

  1. Do you have links to the fun earrings you referenced? 🙂

  2. Oh yes, totally wondering the same thing!!

  3. Sorry for the delay but just added to show notes, hope you can find some!

  4. Thank you!! 😍

  5. Oh! I was actually interested in the link for the leather earrings!

  6. Oh I forgot we mentioned those, Im sorry! Here you go!

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