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Our Outdoorsy Selves & Unstoppable Bikers

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We snack on dark chocolate chickpea brownies and they are fudgy, delicious, and somewhat nutritious.

Our outdoorsy selves

We chat about how we spent time outside when we were kids and how we get sunshine and fresh air now with our families. We recount our best and worst outdoor memories (both involve scary creatures) and give advice for incorporating low-pressure outdoors time with your family.

Things we mention:

Sol Duc Hot Springs

Mogollon Rim in Arizona

Trader Joe's Coconut Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate



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One response to “Our Outdoorsy Selves & Unstoppable Bikers”

  1. Maryrose Smith Avatar
    Maryrose Smith

    Loved this episode. I am trying to get back outside post kiddo and alot of your wishes and dream rang true for me (hoping the mountain lion situation can not though…). Wanted to pass on word about “Adventure Mamas Initiative”. A friend mentioned it to me. They are a non profit working to get moms back outside and doing what they love so they can feel their whole selves and model healthy lifestyles for their kids. You can find them on insta or on Facebook using “regional collabs” like Adventure Mamas of the Southwest. They are all pretty hardcore but even this dayhiker has found the tips, companionship, and inspiration motivating. Thought your listeners might find the same 🙂

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