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Week of Dinners & Best Trash Day

What we ate for dinner for a week | GIRL NEXT DOOR PODCAST


Erica brought "starter trail mix" for us to snack on (Monster Trail Mix from Target Archer Farms).

Week of dinners

We're inviting you to our dinner tables and honestly sharing what we ate for a week with our families (including what foods children refused and when our menu plans went off the rails). Inspiration for this show comes from Friendlier's Week of Meals and The Mom Hour's A Week of Real-Life Dinners.

Things we mention on the show:

Homemade waffles from the Joy the Baker Cookbook

Pasta salad with roasted carrots

Tofurky sausage

Trader Joe's Southwestern Chopped Salad

Egg roll bowl

Better than tuna salad


Erica is obsessed with her Quay sunglasses and DIFF Eyewear. Kelsey is loving her very clean carpets and rug after getting them professionally cleaned.


2 responses to “Week of Dinners & Best Trash Day”

  1. I love the monster trail mix from Target (I prefer to add more m&m’s – never enough), and I need to try that egg roll bowl.
    My husband and I keep weeknight dinners pretty simple and usually have salad. On the weekend, I chop a package each of romaine, broccoli and spinach and maybe add shredded carrots or one of those TJ’s southwest salad mixes for extra crunch and put it all in a large container. That is our base salad for the week. Then we can serve from that base salad and then add grilled chicken, tuna, other wet ingredients like tomato or guac, etc. It keeps things simple.

  2. I love this salad mix you have ready to go! Vegetable consumption is so much higher when it’s EASY! High five!

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