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Book Club: An American Marriage

Book Club: An American Marriage | RISING*SHINING

We sip a peach sour mocktail (since it's before noon on a Monday) mixed up with Iconic Cocktail's Pichuberry Peach Sour mixer (a seasonal flavor that is out of stock, sorry! Grab it next year!), tonic, and a hearty squeeze of lime.

For summer book club we discuss Tayari Jones' novel An American Marriage about a newly married couple ripped apart by forces beyond their control.


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2 responses to “Book Club: An American Marriage”

  1. I finished this in less than a day, which is quite the feat with a 3 year old and full time job :). I loved this book and I couldn’t put it down. I have been recommending it to everyone! I think the thing that made me so into the novel though was that some of the things Roy would say reminded me of things my ex husband said when we realized divorce was imminent, so Roy’s character felt very real and relatable to me. Thanks for choosing such a great novel!

  2. Wow, that is fast! That’s the BEST feeling to just fall completely into a book and devour it. So glad you liked it and really interesting that it reminded you of someone from your life. It’s a particular kind of satisfaction when a fictional character seems familiar. Thanks for reading along!

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