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Side Hustles & Hot Obsessions

How we side hustle | GIRL NEXT DOOR PODCAST

We are side hustling ladies but lately it seems everyone has a side hustle. It can look easy and fun but that's usually not the whole picture. We've pulling back the curtain to talk about the side hustles we've had and what we have going on now – including this podcast and both of our writing careers. We talk about what we've learned, whether we make money from our side hustles, and what advice we have for side hustlers out there.

Things we mention on the show:

Erica's business, Lips by Ladd

Copper Quail Style

Kelsey's blog, RISING*SHINING

Kelsey's other podcast, Matrimoney

Elise Cripe and her Get To Work Book

An interview with Toni Morrison and how she got started writing

The War of Art

Bird by Bird

Glennon Melton Doyle

Big Magic (and our book club episode on it!)

I Know How She Does It

168 Hours


How I Built This podcast

Happier in Hollywood

Why We Write

Erica's cute zippered cactus pouch for cords

Yogi Refreshing Mint Vital energy tea

Lemony lentil soup


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