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Our Phones & Melon Talk

Our phone habits | GIRL NEXT DOOR PODCAST

This episode is sponsored by Epic! a digital subscription library for kids in preschool through age 12 that we both enjoyed using with our kids. Listeners can get a two month trial of Epic! for free by visiting and using the promo code NEIGHBOR.

We want to make sure you know that our next book club book will be This Is How It Always Is so grab a copy and join us for the next Girl Next Door Book Club in November.

Over perfectly delicious and chilled cantaloupe we chat all about those indispensable and distracting devices that we all now carry around: our phones! We wax nostalgically about the phones of our past and what we thought about texting when it first became a way to communicate. Then we talk about how we use our phone today and how healthy our habits are around phone use. Plus we share our favorite apps and the apps we wish someone would invent.

Things we mention on the show:

Society6 and Kelsey's wood grain phone case

The joy of missing out

A Beautiful Mess, Canva, and VSCO photo editing apps

My Fitness Pal

Pocketcast podcast app

Google Keep


T. Alan Wood Designs and the desk Kelsey bought (customized to be standing height)


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17 responses to “Our Phones & Melon Talk”

  1. About the app for meal planning…I use Yummly! You can pick ingriediants on hand and find recipes you want to try! You can make a shopping list in the app….set a reminder in your calendar when to start cooking a meal…save recipes you like…set eating preferences or sensitivities…maybe more stuff! But that’s what I use! All the meals that you search are gathered from the internet so when you choose a meal you can read the recipe in the app OR go to the blog/website it came from! It’s pretty genious! Only problem that it doesn’t solve is the screen shutting off, but there has to be a way……….

  2. According to Google:
    Purchasing from the Audible app
    Open the Audible app.
    Tap on the Shopping Cart Icon or Shop to open the store.
    Search for an audiobook you would like to purchase using the on-screen categories or magnifying glasses.
    After tapping on the title, scroll to the bottom and choose your payment method.

  3. Fun episode, ladies, with lots of great advice! Kelsey, what is the credit card app you mentioned? I searched for Apple Wallet on my phone but came up with a bunch of similar results and wasn’t sure which was the one you use.

  4. I have been using Plan To Eat, which is a subscription meal planning website/app. You can import recipes from different websites, and it converts the format so it is just the recipe and not the full blog post. You can manually enter your own recipes and I think they have their own recipes, too, althought I haven’t tried any. There is a full planning aspect, too, where you can schedule meals for particular days and keep tabs on your freezer inventory, make grocery lists, etc… You can adjust quantities when importing a recipe. Most importantly, it has the feature you were looking for where it will keep your phone screen on while you are cooking a recipe, if you use the “make this recipe” feature. There is another app called PrePear that has that feature, too, although I haven’t used that one.
    I am downloading so many of your recommendations, and PLEASE update the rest of us with people’s responses!

  5. For photo editing, you guys should try A Color Story! It’s also by the A Beautiful Mess team and I love it! So easy and makes photos gorgeous!
    Erica, for adding text and designs to photos, try A Design Kit. I think you can try it for free right now, and it’s also by the ABM team!

  6. Great episode with lots of great advice. My phone/computer use has been on my mind lately (espcially with the new Screen Time function in the newest iOS update – yikes!) so this was very timely. I also fund this blog post recently with some tips for spending less time on your phone – going to try to implement some of these!

  7. Find my Friends is built in for iphone users, you can choose who to share your location with and also set an alert to let you know when someone arrives or leaves from a location. I use it all the time, saves so many where are you texts. 🙂

  8. Hey Ladies!
    I’ve been listening to you both for over a year! This is my first time contacting you. Great work on the podcast. Keep up the great work. 🙂
    Cozi is my go-to for recipe organizing. 1) It allows you to automatically save any recipe to your Cozi app. It strips out all of the ads, etc. — even if the recipe is buried 3/4s the way down the page. I use this to evaluate the recipe even if I don’t keep it. 2) It has an automatic ON feature! Your phone never dims when you’re looking at a recipe. has a Dinner Spinner app that allows you to choose the random ingredients you have on hand to find a recipe.
    I hope that helps! Take care!

  9. Hey thank you, this sounds great!

  10. Oh thanks, will check this out!

  11. Hi! It’s Apple Pay! I think it’s on the model 6 and later. I hope you can find it and use it, I love mine! I even use it at Bank Of America ATMs instead of getting out my debit card!

  12. thank you, have heard of this! This is a great idea to share a round up of what everyone suggests. We will share on Instagram or maybe in a future newsletter!

  13. Thanks, Amanda! I think I have A Color Story 🙂

  14. I started using this with Chris, thanks!

  15. Cozi sounds really similar to what we were envisioning. Dinner Spinner – genius! Thank you!

  16. I use the app Wakey to keep my phone on while I’m cooking!

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