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2018 Wrap Up & Australian Us


Warning! At the beginning of the episode during our snack we discuss Santa and you might not want little ears to listen. But after that the coast is clear.

With the end of the year approaching we reflect on 2018 and share our personal highlights plus the best books, movies, products, meals, and podcasts we enjoyed. We also year from past Erica and Kelsey to see if the years we predicted came true. We snack on the ultimate holiday cookie: dark chocolate covered peppermint Joe-Joe's and the not so ultimate pfeffernusse.

Things we mention on the show:

Episode of The Nuanced Life with discussion of therapy

Kelsey on Goodreads

The Heart's Invisible Furies (Erica recommends the audiobook)

Bad Blood (audiobook)

The Great Alone

The Magnolia Table Cookbook

Girl, Wash Your Face

Little Fires Everywhere

Where the Crawdads Sing

Imagine Me Gone

Get Out

A Star is Born

Culinary Dropout

Kelsey's standing desk (desk built to be standing desk height which for Kelsey is 41 inches)

Tommy John lounge joggers

The Glitter Revival earrings

Pink Yeti

Instant Pot

Senegence mascara

Our episode all about podcasts we love

Slow Burn (both seasons)

Jen Hatmarker's For the Love! podcast

The Mom Hour

Straight and Curly podcast ep 2018 Year in Review


Louise Penny mystery novels

Tana French mystery novels

The Silkworm


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6 responses to “2018 Wrap Up & Australian Us”

  1. Hi Ladies! Can you check the link for Kelsey’s desk? I can’t get it to work and my partner needs a standing desk. Thanks for all the awesome recs! Wishing you & yours a happy holiday season!

  2. Hi! I’m so sorry to report it looks like the Etsy seller is taking a break:
    Shoot! Maybe they will be back in the new year? Or maybe if you are able to search around on Etsy you can find something. The one I bought was not listed as a standing desk so maybe just search for industrial desk and then ask if they can make it standing height for you. Another good looking, although more expensive option, is Uplift Desks. Good luck, and happy holidays!

  3. Hi Friends (who I haven’t met yet), I’m wondering if you can share some of your instant pot recipes. I have been happy with mine, but have not experience 6 minute chicken and would love to! So far I’ve done soups and it seems to take nearly 20 minutes to come to pressure, so while the cooking is fast the prep to table time is not overly exciting. Thanks for sharing your joy.

  4. Hi Kristen! For me being able to do beans from dried has been awesome and it makes perfect quinoa – 1 cup quinoa, 1.5 cups water, 1 min cook time, and 10 min nautral release. But I also love browsing through Pinch of Yum for ideas and recipes: and
    I also love to make my own yogurt in mine! I can’t find my original recipe source but there are several if you google instant pot yogurt or instant pot greek yogurt. Hope you find some new ways to use your IP!

  5. I just read Bad Blood and OH.MY.GOODNESS! What a great book! It reads like a thriller. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. I’m so glad you loved it. Agree – riveting!!

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