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Nuts And Bolts Of Writing & Nakedly Dashing

Nuts and bolts of writing | GIRL NEXT DOOR PODCAST

Although you might know us as podcasters, Erica and Kelsey are writers at heart and this year we are both writing nonfiction book proposals. On this episode we chat about how we started writing, what we’re working on now, and the nuts and bolts of getting words onto the page.

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Mentioned on the show:

Erica's book Candid Classroom: What Parents Want To Know And Teachers Want To Tell Them

Erica's blog Laddventure

Kelsey's blog RISING*SHINING

Kelsey's personal essays have been published in Remedy Quarterly, but unfortunately aren't available online

Kelsey wrote articles about research like this as part of her job as a science writer at Arizona State University for six years

Our personal Instagram accounts: Erica and Kelsey

Erica's writing candle is Capri Blue – Volcano candle

The Art of the Book Proposal


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