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Cleaning Your Bathroom & Sparrow Bathing

How to clean your bathroom | THE GIRL NEXT DOOR PODCAST

This episode is sponsored by The Bali Market offering multi-purpose Turkish towels backed by a minimalist philosophy. Our listeners can get 20% off their purchase by using the code GIRLNEXTDOOR at checkout. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that support our show!

S U R P R I S E! We've got an extra ep for you this week all about cleaning bathrooms: the challenges, the products we use, and how nervous we'd be if the Queen had to make a pit stop at our house. Plus tips for keeping bathrooms tidy day to day and for getting kids involved in cleaning.

Also, a reminder that our next book club episode is coming up on March 13. We’ll be reading Matt Haig’s novel How To Stop Time. Grab a copy and join us!

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4 responses to “Cleaning Your Bathroom & Sparrow Bathing”

  1. Bathtub/shower cleaning is my worst chore! I actually use our broom for this scenario.. I will fill the tub with some water and spray it down with cleaner, then use our broom to scrub it all! Plus my broom gets clean! Maybe this will help??
    Love the show!

  2. Maybe spray the toilet brush with a bleachy cleanser and then rinse it in the “clean” toilet water?

  3. Just employed this method today which is similar:
    And I feel much better about life generally! 😉

  4. oh interesting…love that it cleans the broom those things get gross!

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