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Feeding Our Families & Hidden Hot Dogs


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We're reading The Dutch House by Ann Patchett for our fall book club. That episode will air November 6 so grab a copy and join us!

What's everyone eating at your house? We dish about the logistics of who eats what and when at our houses. We also share current challenges around feeding our families plus some back pocket recipes that are usually slam dunks. In Obsessions Kelsey has found something to keep dinner conversation from going off the rails and Erica is reveling in the perfect fall drink. In Neighborhood News, a familiar house is for sale.

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6 responses to “Feeding Our Families & Hidden Hot Dogs”

  1. Loved this podcast! What’s the name of the cookbook from your childhood with cc cookies and hidden hotdogs? Thanks!

  2. Kelsey and Erica! I ADORE your podcast!! I found it a few months ago, so now I’m going back and listening in order…soooo neat to hear your stories (right now I’m listening to when Kelsey found out she’s pregnant with Cedric and Erica is just going through the adoption process) . I’m really picky about who I listen to- but I love you guys…just real, sincere people – not trying to impress anyone, just sharing honestly about your lives. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

  3. Hi Sara! Wow, thank you so much. This just warms our hearts. So glad you found the show and are enjoying it so much. Thanks for your support and kind words!

  4. What is the stroganoff recipe? My family might like it, sounds interesting.

  5. Hi! Erica says she just makes it up as she goes since she’s been making it for so long. So I think Google or Pinterest will be the ticket for finding a recipe to start from.

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