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Ten Things We’re NOT Doing This Christmas

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We have a gift for you: The Girl Next Door Holiday Copilot! We’ve got you covered with festive high fives to your future self, our favorite holiday recipes, a merry playlist, and more. It’s our way of saying nope you sure don’t have to do it all this holiday season and we hope you make the most of the things you choose to do. If you’re signed up for our newsletter then the Holiday Copilot is waiting for you in your inbox! And if you aren’t signed up yet and would like to get the Holiday Copilot just tap the link on our website or Instagram profile and click Newsletter Sign Up to get on the list. We’ll resend the Holiday Copilot to new subscribers through Saturday, December 7. Merry December, friends!

The merriest word this season might be “no” because every no means saying yes to the holiday activities that mean the most to you. To inspire you we’re sharing the things we’re NOT doing this holiday season in the name of intentional festivity and sanity. We hope you get some ideas for creating your own cozy season.

In Obsessions Kelsey completed a project that’s been on her to-do list for two years and Erica is thrilled about a new mental health routine. In Neighborhood News, strange grandmas are wandering Kelsey’s neighborhood and Erica’s family took an unexpectedly dark bike ride.

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