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We’re Not Fun Moms

From crafts to pretend play to arcades we are saying “no” and owning not being fun moms. We chat about the cultural pressure to be a “fun mom” and all the ways we aren’t fun, but also a few ways that we actually are fun.

In Obsessions Kelsey is getting chatty and Erica is rocking some new favorite jeans. In Neighborhood News there was a brief but exciting weather event.

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Photo by Amy Humphries on Unsplash

One response to “We’re Not Fun Moms”

  1. Hi Kelsey and Erica, I usually listen to your podcast when I run (or clean). This one was during running and it was like listening to my own conversation in my head, even though my kids are much older (18 & 22) I agreed with pretty much everything either one of you said (little scary). The one that stopped me dead in my tracks (or stride) was “Of course I can be a fun mom, when there is a point to it!” As if there was any other way, really! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on why you are a fun mom and why not! And congratulations to Kelsey and her family on Baby Maeve’s arrival.

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