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2020 Midyear Check In & Backyard Junk

Back when 2020 was shiny and full of hope we shared our intentions for the year. Today we’re checking in to see how those intentions have shaped our lives. We also share what we’re recommitting to, what we’re letting go, and what’s helping us to reclaim this year that has felt so out of our control.

We also want to let you know that we’ve decided to skip the book club episode on The Giver of Stars that we had planned to do this summer. Book club episodes takes a little more preparation and we’re needing to keep things simple right now. We would still highly recommend reading or listening to the book.

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One response to “2020 Midyear Check In & Backyard Junk”

  1. Such a good listen! It was so nice to hear how you reshaped your year after all that has happened.

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