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Our Buying Habits & A Dangerous Muffin Pan

Under-buyer or over-buyer? From socks past their expiration date to an abundance of paper products, today we explore our buying habits (can you guess who’s who?) and how they translate to our lives.

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One response to “Our Buying Habits & A Dangerous Muffin Pan”

  1. Hi,
    I love your podcast. I am not on social media but wanted to share a funny story/ tip about the pilot FriXion pens (which are addicting, I agree). A couple years ago, my then 8 year old son made a comic book for a school project. He asked me to laminate it. Well, as I got the 6th or so page I realized his drawings had mostly disappeared!!! Apparently the “frixion” or erasing occurs through the generation of heat. I’m guessing that’s probably obvious to you both, but just wanted to mention in case the laminating project is in the works :). 😂

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