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Bathing Habits & Hair Fossils

We’re pulling back the shower curtain to talk all about our bathing habits. We come clean about how we deal with hair in the drain, how often we wash our kids, and who is showering with their spouse. Plus the correct order of shower operations and honest thoughts on loofahs.

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One response to “Bathing Habits & Hair Fossils”

  1. Mrs Elizabeth Ducharme Avatar
    Mrs Elizabeth Ducharme

    Thank you for this totally entertaining & laugh out loud fun episode!
    Love all your podcasts but this one was esp good brain candy today.
    So glad to have found you both. Your Podcast is a fun,calming,relatable, informative & breath of fresh air during this long intense time of 2020/2021.
    PS where is Roller blading dude as of late?

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