Summer Eating & Drinking

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Summer Eating & Drinking

We’re chatting all about summer eating and drinking, from nostalgic summer foods to how to make summer dinners easier. Plus we share what drinks and eats we’re looking forward to this summer including favorite recipes.

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4 responses to “Summer Eating & Drinking”

  1. Love this episode! Can you please share the lentil & bruschetta dip and the rhubarb bars recipes?

  2. Hi Bonnie! Thank you! I just updated the notes to include the recipe for rhubarb dream bars 🙂
    For the lentil salad: steamed lentils, bruschetta topping (near the pizza dough), and feta — all from TJ’s but I think you could find subs at a regular grocery store too. Delicious with their Pita Bite crackers. Hope you can make them both!

  3. Thanks! So many good recipe ideas!

  4. Loved this episode! Would love to see your summer gifts on Instagram. I’m putting some together for my kids who are finished end of June!

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