How To Say And Accept “No”

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How To Say And Accept “No”

“If it’s not a ‘hell yes!’ it’s a ‘no’” is one of our favorite sayings. So today we have a deep-dive on how to say no. Plus we talk about to accept someone else’s “no” with understanding and grace.

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One response to “How To Say And Accept “No””

  1. I absolutely loved this episode! As a people pleaser, I find saying no very difficult when I think it will disappoint anyone else. I also worry about what people will think if I don’t agree with their requests, invitations, and on and on…it’s so important to set boundaries! And I think something that helps me with this is thinking about how kids thrive with boundaries and will push and push until you let them know the boundary and layout clear expectations. And I think that applies to adults too to some degree.

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