Practical Tips for Holiday Logistics

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Practical Tips for Holiday Logistics

From holiday meals to gifting and decorating, we’ve got practical tips to help you with holiday logistics. Plus we talk about how to make sure you enjoy the holiday season! We also share the things we’re doing this year to make our holidays easier. We hope you hear something that you can try this holiday!

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2 responses to “Practical Tips for Holiday Logistics”

  1. I am heading out shortly to drive over an hour away to the only Target in driving distance that has an A-frame doll house in stock. Once I saw it, I HAD to buy it as a Christmas present for my youngest knowing I can repurpose into Christmas decor in the future. Genius suggestion, Erika! On the way back I may just hit up a Trader Joes (it too is about an hour away from my house) just to have a complete GND podcast influencer day date with myself 🙂 Thank you for all of the suggestions. Great episode.

  2. This sounds like an amazing day! So glad you found a dollhouse I know there are not many left! And Trader Joes – yes!! Enjoy your day!

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