Our Approach to Equity in Marriage

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Our Approach to Equity in Marriage

To celebrate wedding anniversaries we are having a conversation about equity in marriage. We share what equitable marriages mean to us and how we practice what we preach across money, time, raising kids, and communication. Happy anniversary to us both + our wonderful husbands next door!

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One response to “Our Approach to Equity in Marriage”

  1. I was really disappointed in this podcast. It turned into you both basically describing perfect, communicative, whitewashed relationships. You gloss over hard times- “we went through a hard time but worked it out.” You sounds like you have wonderful functional relationships and have no advice for others. The whole conversation could be titled how to be perfect. Where’s the honesty and nitty gritty? “I felt upset about x so I just talked to Chris and it was all better “. This was depressing and oh so boring. Sorry.

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