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Holiday Home: Part 2

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Get cozy and join us for Part 2 of our Holiday Home series! Today we’re chatting about creating holiday magic, nostalgia and emotions, and being present during the season.

Mentioned on the show:

3 responses to “Holiday Home: Part 2”

  1. I loved Erica’s insight of “stackable” goals. I have a goal to walk 500 miles in 2022 (I’m not going to hit it) BUT until Erica shared this insight I realized I’m motivated that way too so I’m going to think of a similar approach to goals in 2023.
    Great episode!

  2. Oh awesome! Perfect timing with thinking about 2023 goals – happy planning!

  3. Kelsey,
    Did you get a Toyota Sienna??? I just got one last week. Baby #4 on the way so it was a must. I love it though!!! I’m getting the trash can you recommend. I hope you have a merry Christmas! Merry Christmas to Erica too.

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