6 Organizing Strategies Working Right Now

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6 Organizing Strategies Working Right Now

Grab your clear bins because it’s time for our annual household organizing episode! We’ve got laundry high-fives, whiteboards being used for evil, and an organizing lightening round with very strong opinions.

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5 responses to “6 Organizing Strategies Working Right Now”

  1. Hey – Just wondering what the bins Erica mentioned in her fridge that she keeps the prepped veg are called?

  2. Hi Sam! Here’s a link to those trays that Erica uses:

  3. Can you tell me the craft Erica was making with her kids at the end of the show? Is there a link? Thanks

  4. Hi Lorraine – thank you for asking! I just updated the show notes so that link to her latch hook kit is there.

  5. Can we have a link to the labels that are removable ?
    Loved this episode

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