Parenting Tweens

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Parenting Tweens

Today we’re talking about our experience parenting tweens so far, those delightfully empathetic and inconsistently responsible 9-12 year olds of ours. We revisit our tween selves before sharing what’s wonderful and challenging about living with our tweens. Then we share advice for other parents of tweens and the best resources we’ve found for parenting tweens. Fellow tween parents, you’re doing great!

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3 responses to “Parenting Tweens”

  1. Loved this episode! Mine is 8.5 and I’m already seeing the tween years coming in and after summer we will be at 9 and full-throttle into it all!

  2. Thank you, Misti! We are right there with you. It really sneaks up and then BAM.

  3. Has the elusive cross body bag for the larger chested crowd been found? I would love something small and hands free for vacation. Love the show!

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