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Family Culture Around Hard Stuff

Every family deals with hard stuff, from the everyday to the serious. Today we continue our conversation about family culture talking about how we deal with hard stuff in our families. Along the way we remind ourselves to think, “I knew you’d do that,” and that kids most definitely can smell fear.

On Patreon, we’re talking about what we most often disagree with our spouses about and how we address those issues.

Mentioned on the show:

Sarah Powers of The Mom Hour

CNN 10 news for kids

The Week Jr. news magazine for kids

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2 responses to “Family Culture Around Hard Stuff”

  1. Girls, this episode was so wonderful! Thank you for the resources- I have three tween/teens that love the news and have jumped on these resources- beyond just the nightly news and the NY Times- which we get in print on the weekends :). Who else plays wordle with their kiddos nightly? 🙂

    I loved your conversation about hard things. As a mom and a teacher and professor- it is so hard to let our kids and students struggle- but it helps them learn to be resourceful AND to know/prove that we will be always be available (even if we cannot fix everything). I identified a bit with you both- thinking, we raise the kids we have- not the kids we were. My husband and I are almost identical personality-wise- but our kids are their own- which is beautiful (and also a learning experience).

    Thanks for this and for all of your content. You bring joy every episode!

    🙂 Erin

    1. One of my kids has gotten into Wordle and other word games and it’s so fun! Still kind of hot and cold but I am hopeful that all the kids will adopt our love of word games. A new level of family fun for sure. So so true about raising the kids you have, appreciating that, and also being challenged by it. Thank you, Erin!

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