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Living & Mothering Confidently

Today we’re exploring confidence, from memories of precocious Tupperware demonstrations to how we express our confidence today. We also chat about where we feel confident – or not – in our mothering.

Plus, Erica shares a story of friendly barking and Kelsey needs a moment to brag about a new skill.

2 responses to “Living & Mothering Confidently”

  1. What a great episode! Your honesty and thoughtfulness in your delivery really struck a chord with me this evening (as I washed allllll the dishes as our dishwasher is broken). Through your words, so many of us feel validated and relieved to know that we are not alone in some of these feelings. Plus you brought a big smile to my face as I plowed through the arduous post dinner clean up! Thank you both – you are both such a light and such a pleasure to listen to.

    1. Thank you so much, Morgan. We love knowing that this episode struck a chord, and also helped you power through those dishes! Hope your dishwasher is back in action soon!

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